Bryce Vine Interview with Z90’s Morton in the Morning

Morton in the Morning catches up with Bryce Vine.

Marlon Wayans Joined Morton in the Morning!

Marlon Wayans chatted with Morton in the Morning about his upcoming movie Naked, his new TV series Marlon, his comedy shows and more. Check it out!

D-Rock Pays Off Heads Up Bet

D-Rock finally paid off his Heads Up bet by standing in the middle of a busy intersection at Mira Mesa Blvd and Camino Ruiz in a SPAM​ costume! 😂

Perfect Wedding Kiss

What is the perfect wedding kiss? To tongue or not to tongue… that is the question! Z90’s Morton in the Morning breaks it down.

Walk for Peyton

Join Z90’s Morton in the Morning and our Walk for Peyton! Peyton has a rare disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His medication is experimental and expensive so his family needs help. Please text the world “walk” to 33903 to make a donation.

Google Nope as explained by Morton in the Morning on Z90

There’s nothing more annoying than when a coworker keep popping by your desk to talk to you…so here’s a pretty brilliant solution. Listen to Morton in the Morning weekdays 5-10am on Z90.3 OR watch them on Dish Nation weekdays on MyTV channel 13 for the Daily Dirt!

Morton in the Morning: Heads Up Bet March 2017

You know when you listen to Z90’s Morton in the Morning you’re going to get a good laugh when you play Heads Up at 6:40 & 8:40! Each month Edina and D-Rock go head-to-head to see who comes out on top with the most wins. The loser of each month has to pay off the […]

Z90’s Home For The Holidays 2016

Patricia surprises her son Jeff and his girlfriend Jill. All part of Z90 San Diego’s Home for the Holidays! SUBSCRIBE HERE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

Z90 Mannequin Challenge

Zay and Zayion and cheerleaders from Morse High School, Patrick Henry High School & Mt. Miguel High School accepted the Mannequin Challenge and crushed it. SUBSCRIBE HERE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: